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Who We Are

Next Level Practice is the leader in dental consulting, training, and coaching for over the last 20 years. We help dentists transform the way they run and relate to their practice. Said in another way, we focus on implementation and results.

Proven CE approved courses that address your toughest issues!

Each course is designed for today’s busy dentists and their teams. The material is formatted in 5-minute, bite-size increments that run no longer than 30 minutes total. These can be accessed 24/7 when you’re in the mindset for learning.

Transform Your Dental Practice

The NextLevel Center For Dental Training is an education and coaching organization that specializes in maximizing the success of dental practices. We deliver comprehensive programs that support dental teams in acquiring the freedom to enjoy a thriving practice, a fulfilled life, and happy, healthy patients. Dental and periodontal practices, along with their teams, want to grow significantly and may currently be frustrated and feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of running the practice. Currently, they may not have located a track that leads to meaningful growth, which simultaneously delivers simplicity and ease, both to their personal and professional lives. That’s where we come in.

Covering a Range of Topics, Addressing the Needs of Everyone on Your Team

Our library of courses addresses the needs of these team members and more.



Dental Assistant

Associate Dentist

Treatment Coordinator

Appointment Coordinator

Team Leader

Our library of courses includes but is not limited to:

  • Stop Micromanaging Forever
  • Increasing Case Acceptance – Fitting into Lifestyle
  • Increasing Case Acceptance – Defining Case Acceptance
  • Increasing Case Acceptance – Personal Motivator
  • Increasing Case Acceptance – The Healthy Mouth Baseline
  • Stop Cancellations – Winning Phone Strategies
  • The Treatment Tracker – Take Vacation Without Worry
  • Right People, Right Places, Right Things

Course Format for Today’s Busy Dentists and Their Teams:

Each course is designed for today’s busy dentists and their teams. The material is formatted in 5-minute, bite-size increments that run no longer than 30 minutes total. These can be accessed 24/7 when you’re in the mindset for learning. Now, you and your team can train on breaks, while waiting for an appointment or at home in the evening, after the kids have gone to bed. These are video-based courses that call for interactivity, eliminating boredom and increasing your team’s willingness to learn on an ongoing basis. Fun, role-playing sessions with virtual patients allow for your team to practice, so when the real opportunity comes, they are ready to help patients get healthy. Stop practicing on your practice and start practicing on your patients on an advanced virtual platform.

Ensuring understanding:

Learning is confirmed with a test after each course, and results are reported to the Team Leader to follow up and ensure that the information presented is retained. This check-and-balance system allows us to guarantee results.

Training Accountability:

Dentists and managers will have a dashboard and an email- or text-alert system to ensure team members are actually training and getting the learning you are investing in. Management alerts go right to your smart phone.

Dental Practice Plan

Contact us for Custom Pricing.


Call us for study club discounts or tailored training needs. Discounts can also be arranged for dental consultants and providers to the community of dental professionals. Dial 1-888-900-0525 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The NextLevel Center For Dental Training unique?
We have a comprehensive curriculum:
  • You choose the courses you want to get the results you want for both your personal and professional life.
  • It is based on the concept of team development to ensure you and your team work well together to hit your practice’s goals.
  • It is centered around community with peer-to-peer coaching and interactions.
Our core values/culture:
  • We operate from a foundation of integrity and honoring our word. What that means to you is that when we say we’re going to do something, we do it. We operate this way and your team will operate this way, too.
We have been consistently named a top dental consultant since 2005. Training dentists and their team has been our business since 1995.

Does The NextLevel Center For Dental Training offer CE courses?

Yes, we offer CE courses that are part of our overall curriculum.
  • It is much more comprehensive than simply meeting CE requirements.
  • We offer CE credits to really enhance/transform your practice and the credits wind up being the bonus.
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Our Inspiration – from our President, Gary Kadi

I’m sure you agree that how we live our lives in the 2.0 world has changed dramatically. Think about how we used to run home to see our favorite TV show, and now we no longer live our life around when that show starts. We have our TV shows on demand and on DVRs. Also, in the past we used to have to drive down to the post office to buy a stamp, put it on a letter in an envelope, and it would get there three days later. Now, we type up our thoughts and documents, and press send within seconds. We no longer get in our cars to go buy albums, cassettes, CDs or even VCR tapes and DVDs. Now, we click our bookmarks, and we’re live streaming our favorite music videos and movies in seconds.

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