Gary Kadi
Gary Kadi

CEO, New York, New York
Educator and Advocate for Dentistry, Dentists and Dental Teams

Known for his positive contributions to the lives of dentists and dental teams across the globe, Gary Kadi has been a devoted advocate for the whole of the dental community, their families, and their patients for over 19 years.

A speaker, author and researcher, Gary re-energizes, interrupts the status quo, and shares discoveries and interests far beyond helping dentists implement systems and raise their profit margins. He is inspired everyday by the courage and personal successes of dentists and team members with whom he has the privilege of working and getting to know.

After years of studying the reoccurring challenges of team, finance, and patient issues facing dentists for years he had a breakthrough. It came in understanding the business model dentists were fighting to fix was created by a non-business practitioner who could throw up a shingle and be successful. He discovered the source of getting dentists off the drill, fill and PPO treadmill.

In 2008 while watching the first “Hangover” movie and hearing the line “You’re not a doctor, you’re a dentist” he then discovered his life’s mission of “altering America’s health by transforming the way the public relates to dentistry.”

He created NextLevel Practice to implement the Complete Health Dentistry™ business model where teams willingly embrace and implement change, patients respect their treatment regiments, invest in their health, and doctors enjoy practicing the way they envisioned at dental school graduation.

The team-driven Complete Health Dentistry™ business model takes any practice that is stagnating and turns the situation around very quickly in complete alignment with the practice’s values. Doctors and their teams are re-inspired by re-relating their role in patients’ TOTAL HEALTH.

Gary Kadi is also chairman of Partners in Complete Health, an organization committed to helping dentists understand the science behind “Complete Health Dentistry” and the connections between dental health and overall physical health. In 2013, he took the first step in mobilizing the Complete Health movement by producing Say Ahh, the world’s first documentary on oral health through Partners in Complete Health.

Is Gary Kadi a Psychologist?

“I’m asked that a lot,” Kadi smiles. “Actually, I barely made it through Rutgers University with a business degree but I always had an obsession for understanding the way things work. My father is an engineer and my mom is a caring bundle of love. I think I inherited a part of both their minds and apply it to the business of dentistry, dental team effectiveness and personal relationships.”

Kadi’s business and organizational behavior expertise came from working with thousands of smart, successful small business owners that he interviewed and learned best practices from over 25 years.

Home and Family

Kadi has been married since April 2003 to Judith, on whom he still has a crush. They live with their son Rome in Battery Park City, New York. Whether the Kadis are at Yankees Stadium catching a foul ball, traveling to Italy to enjoy great food, or supporting parents with children on the autism spectrum they look for opportunities to make a difference and have a little fun along the way.

Kim Bettie

Fulfillment Manager | New York, New York

Before joining the NextLevel team, Kim worked as a trainer, coach and consultant, helping people form all walks of life break through the barriers to reaching their full potential, including people transitioning from prison to work and executives running small and large companies.

As a Results Facilitator, she coaches leaders and teams to successfully implement the NextLevel methodology. Kim loves being part of a purpose-driven team. She loves learning and experimenting with new things that can improve her quality of life. She recently became a vegetarian and enjoys learning and sharing new recipes that are both delicious and nutritious.

Marci Lerner
Marci Lerner

Senior Results Facilitator | New York, New York

With a background in client services and career coaching for over 15 years, Marci brings her genuine caring for helping people get what they want out of life to the NextLevel Practice program. Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Marci is a diehard Yankees fan who can talk baseball with the best of them.

Her keen way of zeroing in on office dynamics and relating to clients with sincerity, honesty and animation are true assets to her position as a Senior Facilitator. Marci’s enthusiastic laugh is contagious, and readily endears dental teams – and everyone else – to her.

Justina Melendez
Justina Melendez

Results Facilitator | New York, New York

Prior to joining NextLevel, Justina worked as a dental office manager in Manhattan. She’s performed the roles of dental assistant, patient coordinator and treatment coordinator. At NextLevel, Justina helps dentists dream a little bigger and breathe a little better by getting to know them and their practices. She shows them how NextLevel can be a platform and incredibly strong support system for their desired outcomes. Justina is frequently inspired by the integrity of the organization and their compassion and responsibility in helping their community members succeed.

Justina admits that despite being unable to shake her inner 12 year-old tomboy, she still enjoys pampering herself with salon days.

Micky Chorny
Micky Chorny

Enrollment Advisor | New York, New York

Before Joining the NextLevel Practice team, Micky graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama and spent over 5 years assisting private clients in administration and marketing needs while pursuing her acting career. She spent almost 2 years developing her leadership skills before she realized how passionate she is about coaching and supporting people in achieving the results they want. As a result, she pursued continued education and growth in the personal and professional development field and a whole new career.

When she’s not playing with the NextLevel team, she enjoys making clients sweat in her fun, high-energy Zumba™ classes and making delicious baked treats for special events.

Gina Arthur
Gina Arthur

Quality & Results Assurance Concierge | Scottsdale, Arizona

Gina brings her 15 years of customer service, sales and management experience having served as a care provider within hospitality, retail, and childcare. As Fulfillment Coordinator, she provides quality assurance by making sure quality care is continuously monitored, improved upon and delivered so NextLevel is able to consistently serve and support their community members “above and beyond.”

Gina cites the love and respect that radiates within her team and out to others as the best part of joining the NextLevel team and takes pride in building a community that changes lives and the world. A fan of the outdoors, Gina prides herself in her ability to “make some pretty awesome meals with only a cast iron pan over a camp fire.”

Franciny Alberton
Franciny Alberton

Controller | New York, New York

Highly accomplished and hands on finance professional with extensive background in strategic planning, budgeting, accounting, financial operations and auditing. Before joining the NextLevel team, Franciny got her start working in one of the Big Four auditing firms and subsequently spent the next 15 years in multinational corporations. These experiences prepared her for her next Ocu-passion which involved helping start-ups to reorganize, streamline and strengthen financial operations to ensure accuracy and compliance. As NextLevel’s Controller, she provides leadership, certainty, and transparency in the financials and supports the NextLevel team so they can focus on the part of the job they love to do.

Her passions outside of work involves spending time with her family, especially the nieces and godchildren, and traveling to get to her goal of at least 70 countries by 70 years old.

Kelly Dahmer
Kelly Dahmer

Event Manager | Scottsdale, Arizona

Kelly’s true happiness lies in helping others. As NextLevel’s Event Manager, Kelly creates one-of-a-kind, world-class experiences that enable attendees to uncover their greatness and achieve sustainable results.

Kelly graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Biological Sciences and a Minor in Sustainablity. She is inspired by NextLevel’s innovative mission and is dedicated to the Complete Health Movement in creating a healthier world.

Brenda Correa

Team Accountant | New York, New York

Brenda brings over 20 years of accounting experience working for a wide range of industries such as entertainment, publishing and non-profit organizations. These opportunities have strengthened her ability to identify areas of inefficiency in order to implement policies and procedures to organize and streamline processes.

Contributing and making a difference to those around her are Brenda’s true motivations. Joining the NextLevel team, with a vision of making 30 million people healthier by the year 2020 was not only a logical decision, but also the best choice.

Ryan Palevsky

Production Manager | New York, New York

Ryan, a born and raised New Yorker, has been working professionally in television industry for the last 7+ years. After graduating with a Masters in Communication from the New York Institute of Technology in 2006, he relocated to Hollywood California to pursue his career aspirations. In Hollywood, Ryan quickly landed a long-term position with the Style Network. For the next 5 years, Ryan cut his teeth learning the in’s and out’s of the television industry through a number of different facets. He has become one of the most well-rounded and respected figures in the production community. Ryan has worked as a Camera Operator, Grip, Field Producer, Production Manager and Trade Out Specialist for networks such as ABC, History Channel, BBC, Oxygen, Style, Lifetime and A&E.

As The Production Manager, Ryan provides a diverse talent and passion and drive with responsibilities including: Video Editing, Video Production, Photography and Project Coordinating.

Brandon Keys

IT Coordinator | New York, New York

Starting his IT career early in high school, using his passion for learning and technology Brandon graduated from Thomas Edison CTE with his CCNA certification and continued to study Computer science at Queens College. While attending, Brandon worked as a help desk technician and gained experience with other areas of the IT field , and completely fell in love with his work.

In October of 2015 Brandon got the opportunity to work with NextLevel Practice, and accepted the opportunity to work for a vision that he could firmly stand for. Making 30 million people healthier by the year 2020 has turned into a passion for Brandon ever since joining the team.