Dr. Ben Warnock



My first five years out of dental school I was gone probably half the weekends every year for CE. [It was a] tough journey because I had all this education and I wanted to use it! When I started out, we had a completely PPO- and HMO-style practice. About eight years ago, my dad left the practice, and I built a brand new office and cancelled insurance plans. We almost went bankrupt in those first two years.

I talked to a good friend from dental school and he said, “You know, I’m in this program now with Gary Kadi and patients are accepting treatment more now.” And I said to myself, “Hey, if it’s working for you, it can work for anybody!” My friend always does his research and he’s very methodical, so I knew I could trust his recommendation.

I called NextLevel and they sent me a copy of “Million Dollar Dentistry.” There was a lot of good stuff in there. I could see myself in a lot of the scenarios in the book. I was still skeptical… I’m used to consultants who say they can help but we’re different. It’s easy to take $400,000 production and double to $800,000, but it’s hard to take a one doctor practice doing $1–1.5 million and help them grow.

When I did a consultation call with NextLevel, we came up with a daily production goal, but I thought, “I am already working hard, how can I work harder?” Now, I think half the time I do $9,500 per day because my team is so on board. They’re crazy about hitting that BBM. They don’t care if I’m dog-tired and dead, we’re hitting the BBM!



When you look at Gary’s program, there isn’t one thing that is more important than another. The 5X Trust Transfer, the triple-win, and treatment plans all work together, and I would say every part of the plan is important. As a result, we’ve increased our ability to drive production like never before.

The entire concept is why it works, and the fact that the program is so focused on continuing to keep people up-to-date and educated. It’s one thing to meet with the results facilitator three times a month, it’s another to see it in action at the World’s Largest Team Meeting twice a month. We’re constantly being supported from the team and that’s just awesome.

Increase production I still can’t believe that we’ve grown by 30%! Our financial people can’t believe where we’re at right now. We’re so far ahead of our projections for this year it’s amazing. It’s incredible!
Get Patients healthy We just weren’t sure where to start. With the old model, patients would hear it, but they wouldn’t understand it. When we started to explain total health from a Complete Health Dentistry perspective, it was like a light bulb went off in our patients’ heads! When you see the glaze over your patients’ eyes disappear, and your patients being openly engaged with you, it’s amazing.
Work less We’re in our second year now and you can’t find another office with a better team on this side of the Mississippi. We’re bringing a second doctor on and lots of good things are happening.


“It’s been an amazing journey to work with the people at NextLevel Practice. I won’t say it’s been an easy journey—it’s a lot of hard work—but all the people there are there to support you and motivate you. They lay it out there for you. They’re not going to sugarcoat it, and they expect the work to get done. But the results, and not just case acceptance (though that’s wonderful to have), but the joy you will experience by helping your patients get healthy makes doing dentistry that much more pleasurable.”

“This is lifelong journey with your patients in helping them to get healthy. It’s not just about “How many crowns can I do?” but “How am I going to help Mrs. Jones stay in my practice, and feel good about seeing her healthy thirty years from now, being a part of her healthcare and seeing her all that time?” I think that’s kind of how Gary Kadi has helped me.”

“When we started with Gary Kadi we were doing $200,000 a month, but we’ve jumped from there to about $300,000 last month. That’s a 30% increase (and we were at the top of our game before!) The program works! It’s amazing!”


Dr. Ben Warnock
1) Read “Million Dollar Dentistry.”
2) Attend a Proactive Practice course to lay out the plan.
3) Get in touch with NextLevel to get started 212-388-1712.
Dr. Brad Boeke

35 – 40% MORE IN PRODUCTION expand


“My father was a dentist. When I was a kid I had to work in my dad’s office to get allowance. I did everything but the dentistry. We lived in a small Iowa town, so when people would have an issue over the weekend, my dad would bring me in, not the dental assistant.”

“I started out about a mile or so from where I am right now. In my first year, I worked for this dentist; in the second year, I rented space; and in the third year, the dentist I was working for declared bankruptcy, and I partnered with the dentist who had originally sold him the practice. We were partnered for over ten years and I opened my current practice in 1994.”

Dr. Boeke became quite discouraged about six or seven years ago. “I love dentistry, but the business part was killing me. I disliked it so much that I actually had my practice for sale. I was going to sell my practice and go be somebody’s associate.”

“I came in one Thursday and there was a copy of Million Dollar Dentistry on my desk from my Henry Schein representative. I read it that weekend and realized we needed something to get us all on the same page. Gary was going to be in Dallas for the first time ever that Friday, so we attended the event.”



“To me, the greatest help is the book, “Raise Your Healthy Deserve Level.” It gets inside your head! Plus it was really good timing personally and professionally. I’ve read the book a couple times!”

Healthy Patients He had a hygienist who was with him “for twelve years, and chose not to get on the Complete Health Dentistry bandwagon, so I had to invite her to be successful elsewhere.”
Healthy Community “Gary motivates you. There are also community members who share their experiences, and you see that they went through what you went through. You also see where they are now (as they’ve been through system longer). They inform in a dental kind of way.”


“The team is so incentivized and so happy—it spills over into personal life. I’m not one of those [people] that wants more time off. I LOVE doing dentistry; I plan to drop dead at the chair someday. Now I make a lot more, and there’s a lot less stress.”

“The sense of community is, right now, to me, the biggest part of the program.”

“The Healthy Mouth Baseline and 5-Time Trust Transfer are part of a whole system bringing treatment options to a patient and helping them understand what treatment they need, while presenting it in a way that doesn’t feel like selling.”

“I’ve met TONS of cool people and I’m taking on a new challenge…public speaking! My first is at the ACE Annual Meeting in Las Vegas this October.”


Dr. Ben Warnock
1) Read Gary’s first two books: “Million Dollar Dentistry” and “Raise Your Healthy Deserve Level.”
2) Attend a live event with Gary. Call 212-388-1712 to find an event in your area.
3) Be a part of the NextLevel community. Learn from others and share in their successes.
Dr. Stephanie Diaz



I have been doing dentistry since 2004. For two years I worked for the health department working with underprivileged children and then a multiple-office, big-corporate-dentistry atmosphere for about a year and a half. Soon, I realized that it was time for me to get my own office.

When I went out on my own, I didn’t really know the business side of dentistry. They don’t teach you that in dental school! I was grateful for my office manager that stuck around from the previous dentist. She was there to submit insurances. When I started, there were no systems, I just scheduled patients and saw them. We had no follow-up with payments or anything. I worked twenty hours per week, very slow, low-paced, relaxing, but not making any money. I started getting worried because every month I was in the red. I had heard that it takes time to build your practice—it’s to be expected [that you won’t] make a profit for a few years—so I just went along with that, thinking, “This is normal, eventually it will turn around.”

We got a flyer in the mail that NextLevel was coming to our city for a seminar. The whole office went, and from the beginning we thought, “Wow! This sounds way too good to be true.” I was doubtful, so I signed up for a month trial. I kept thinking, “You know you could be doing better, but it can’t be that easy… there’s gotta be a catch.”
After the first month, we increased our production, but still thought, “We didn’t do anything, and they didn’t do anything… I don’t get it.” It took us awhile to realize that it was our mindset and how we were approaching each patient with concern for his or her total health that had changed!


“It wasn’t about waiting and watching for things to happen anymore: it was all about taking control and implementing the Complete Health Dentistry [model] with each and every patient. One specific tool, the 5 Time Trust Transfer, has become part of our routine and has made the biggest difference!”

Confidence in being a leader Before, I didn’t have too many goals, either personally or in the office. So now having personal and business goals just gives me a purpose in life and it feels good.
Purpose “Gary motivates you. There are also community members who share their experiences, and you see that they went through what you went through. You also see where they are now (as they’ve been through system longer). They inform in a dental kind of way.”


“My office manager and I laugh because we look back and think, “Remember those days?” Our goals are now more than double what they used to be. And we hit our numbers! When that first began to happen, we would think to ourselves, “Wow! How did this happen? What did we do?” We didn’t do it with more hours or clients; it just happened naturally with everything we were implementing.”

“Brandi has been the best coach for me. She’s been awesome! She’s one of the keys to the success that we’ve had.”

“I see myself growing and becoming more confident. I see the change within myself, even at home and in how I communicate. It’s pretty neat.”

“The first month we’d implement and then forget things, but by the second or third month we were consistent with our actions. Once we all got on the same page, we started noticing huge changes.”


Dr. Ben Warnock
1) Get your team to a Proactive Practice weekend course.
2) Use the tools NextLevel gives you, they make a BIG difference.
3) Know it’s not “too good to be true,” call 212-388-1712 to find out.
Dr. Jason Wall



“I was always very self-conscious about a large space between my two front teeth while growing up. I wouldn’t smile for pictures. Back then, dentistry wasn’t a big thing. After college, I heard something about cosmetic dentistry on the radio and went in. The dentist filled the gap between my teeth in forty minutes. It made a huge difference in my confidence and the way I presented myself.”

“I worked in the Houston area for two to three years in a refinery business, working as a lab technician at Enron. The lab work was monotonous. I wanted more out of life, a better life for me and my future family, I’ve always been very creative, liked to use my hands, things like that. I’ve also had a very strong interest in [the medical profession]. At that point, I decided to go back and become a dentist.”

Wall graduated in 2006 and took on associateship in a suburb of Dallas (Garland, Texas).

“My wife and I would come out here and visit her parents, and I told her I really liked San Angelo, so maybe we should look into it. I called around and found a dentist who was getting ready to retire, and took over his practice in 2008.”

“A few months before that I was talking to my Henry Schein rep, Jeffrey Hibbs, and expressed interested in looking at some consulting firms. Hibbs put me in touch with NextLevel, and a team member sent me “Million Dollar Dentistry.” We started with NextLevel in April of 2012.”



“The best part for me has been the coaching with Brandi. I really enjoy the little tidbits that we get from those conversations that I can apply to my practice right away. She is just amazing, so well-spoken, and always has an answer for us. She doesn’t push things down our throats. She gets my sense of humor and we all really enjoy speaking with her. A lot of it seems to apply to my life at home, too, so that’s really cool.”

“From day one, when they set our first monthly BBM at 80,000, I was flipping out. I thought, ‘There is NO WAY I’m going to hit that! I’ve never even come close to that!’ And the first month, we did over $100k, up from $55k.”

Increase production Now that we are using treatment trackers, we can say that we’re hitting 60+ percent case acceptance. Our goal was to hit a million last year in this little building and we did it!
Less stress My stress level is much better. As far as the financial part of the practice goes, I wasn’t doing bad before, but when you’re doing better, you don’t worry nearly as much!
Communication as a team We’re all communicating much better as a group. Before it was unstructured, but now you can count on the morning huddle.
Confidence and Purpose Working with NextLevel has made a difference in the belief in myself, my team, our purpose in this community, and what we can achieve in this community.


“Integrity—it was a huge thing for us. Everybody is keeping their word with agreements, and if you do have to break an agreement, you simply let that person know and make a new agreement.”

“Assigning each team member a specific role and responsibility with written-out guidelines has really made a difference.”

“The 5-Step Healthy Patient Blueprint has been important too. From the trust transfers, to identifying personal motivators, and the bonus system for the team—so much of it is all is beneficial to everyone involved.”


Dr. Jason Wall
1) Read “Million Dollar Dentistry” cover to cover.
2) Request a Treatment Tracker tool, and start using it right away!
3) Get connected with NextLevel’s team by calling 212-388-1712.