Behind every program is a simple goal to help dentists and their teams get off the drill, fill & PPO treadmill.

Our programs give you proven systems to become more profitable and more enjoyable so you can focus on what you do best, helping patients.
Our programs include:

  • Jumpstart Your Practice
  • The Leading Dentist in Complete Health Program

JumpStart Program

JumpStart allows you to partner with senior members of our team over the course of 3 virtual meetings, assess the current state of your practice, help you envision where you’d like to your practice to go, and then invites you to work with NextLevel founder Gary Kadi directly to co-author your plan towards Complete Health Dentistry.

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To learn more about this program and learn which options are right for you, please email us or call 212-388-1712 to speak with a member of the NextLevel team.

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The Leading Dentist in Complete Health Program

Leading Dentist Program is our core offering designed to help dental teams implement our revolutionary Complete Health Dentistry™ model into their practices.

We help dental teams “unlearn” the old-school practice model of dentistry which historically focuses on “drill, fill, and bill.” Our goal is to shift the dentist to “dental internist”. This empowers both the doctor and team by creating accountability and set rules and responsibilities through the use of systems and structures to increase case acceptance, retention, and perfecting the new patient experience.