Join us for our Proactive Practice Course in Puerto Rico! Only 17 Spots Left > >

A 3-day weekend course designed for the doctor, spouse and team.

If you’re committed to revolutionizing your dental practice and team, this one-of-a-kind group/team/individual event features invaluable coaching, consulting and training led by Gary Kadi, founder of NextLevel Practice and author of “Million Dollar Dentistry.”

This event is unlike anything you or your team have experienced.

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We don’t just focus on the best practices and systems that help your practice grow. We also focus on the mindset and personal transformational work that is truly at the heart of success. It’s why we focus on the collective whole of your practice that includes you and your team. We cover team-building, overcoming fear and scarcity, and the “3 true secrets to growing a practice.”

Event participants will experience profound breakthroughs allowing you and the team to move forward in a way that will transform your practice immediately.

Please note that all JumpStart participants receive 3 tickets to the Proactive Practice Event.

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“This course helped me begin the process of identifying our 60% gap area that we have yet to implement. It gave us the realization that our team can be a valuable resource to other doctors and their teams as they embark upon their own journeys. We discovered just how much of this material our team leader has internalized and how passionate she is about helping our team (and others) utilize this new model to its fullest potential.”

– Dr. Eric Henize

Where is the next Proactive Practice?
San Juan, Puerto Rico  December 3 – 5, 2015

“The intimacy of the smaller group really makes a difference; there was a sense of community. At the course I learned a lot of language and verbal skills that I can put to use immediately. Although it was a ton of fun, I also shed some tears. The best take away is that I am leaving with financial goals and a game plan for 2012.”

– Jessica Fields, Team Leader


“After the Proactive Practice course, I was energized because I received the tools to lead with a purpose. I understand what it means to be a leader and I can now encourage others to follow every single day!”

– Chrissy Kelly, Hygienist