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Books to help take you to the next level:

million dollar dentistry

Million Dollar Dentistry

Over 70,000 copies in print in 37 countries!

Discover the astonishing PROVEN WAY that highly successful Dentists manage their PATIENTS, their TEAMS, and their FINANCES.

This guidebook gives dental practices the same team accountability and patient education business model that Gary Kadi’s NextLevel Practice has used to successfully transform practices for years.

Million Dollar Dentistry spells out effective, easily applied techniques for doctors and their teams to experience more happiness in the office, a deeper sense of purpose, dedication and goals, and increased revenues — all while providing greater patient health and education than dental practices ever thought possible.

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“We’re up 18% in collections and 27% in production! Gary has inspired me to be a true leader in my practice and empower versus enable my team. I’m finally able to build the office of my dreams due to my financial success!” – Dr. Jill Seguin | Milford, MI

$29.95 (Plus S&H)
the dentist

THE DENTIST: America’s Unsung Healthcare Hero

The Dentist: America’s Unsung Healthcare Hero discusses dentistry’s important and expanding role in the overall delivery of complete healthcare.

The scientific and medical communities continue to acknowledge the part dentistry plays in complete health and wellness. The dentist, now more than ever, must actualize that position. The days when dentists identified themselves as “molar jockeys, cleaning ladies, and calendar fillers” are a thing of the past. The success of the dental practice now lies in its ability to embrace its role as a vital part of the Complete Health Movement.

In The Dentist: America’s Unsung Healthcare Hero, Gary Kadi provides a platform for dentists to embrace their role in supporting their patient’s total health and to effectively communicate this expanded role and its value to patients.

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$29.95 (Plus S&H)
Raise Your HDL

RAISE YOUR HDL: Healthy Deserve Level

“In life we do not get what we deserve, we get what we THINK we deserve.”
-Gary Kadi

Raise Your HDL: Healthy Deserve Level is Gary Kadi’s sequel to Million Dollar Dentistry. Raise Your HDL addresses the underlying source of why dentists may hold back when it comes to having it all. Gary provides a fresh perspective on why we stop ourselves from taking action on even simple steps that would move us forward toward real fulfillment.

He reveals how keeping a focus on this realization can be a real game-changer and unveils actionable steps to lay the foundation for quantum leaps to further success in business and life.

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$29.95 (Plus S&H)


To help you go to the next level

Morning Huddle Motivator

Never underestimate the power of a daily dose of inspiration.

One of the secrets to our success (and those of our clients) is the morning huddle. It’s during this time we talk about our plans for the day and share inspiration to make sure we achieve our goals.

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Healthy Mouth Baseline Tool

Because the mouth is the gateway to your overall health.

Our Healthy Mouth Baseline tool will give you a powerful way to talk about how your patient’s mouth is a direct reflection of the overall health of their body.