Taking your education to the NextLevel.

We believe a live event should provide a mix of practical, implementable information, inspiration and, yes, transformation. Our unique events provide the perfect environment for both you and your dental team to experience profound breakthroughs that lead to rapid change in your practice.
Read on below to learn more about our live and virtual events.

Our events include:

  • The Proactive Practice Course
  • Monthly Webinars


The Proactive Practice Course

If you’re committed to revolutionizing your dental practice and team, this one-of-a-kind group/team/individual event features invaluable coaching, consulting and training led by Gary Kadi, founder of NextLevel Practice and author of “Million Dollar Dentistry”

This event is unlike anything you or your team have experienced.
We don’t just focus on the best practices and systems that help your practice grow. We also focus on the mindset and personal transformational work that is truly at the heart of success. It’s why we focus on the collective whole of your practice that includes you and your team. We cover team building, overcoming fear and scarcity and the “3 true secrets to growing a practice.”



Monthly Webinars

Get cutting edge lessons and information delivered right to your computer screen.

In our commitment to provide our community with the most vital information and topics in the business of dentistry we are proud to announce our on-going series of webinars.

Each month we present a different subject to help bring you closer to creating your Complete Health Practice.