NextLevel Practice is a dental coaching and educational company that helps dentists transform the way they run and relate to their dental practices.

We’ll be the first to admit that this sounds good from a marketing standpoint. However, the truth is we are not merely focused on just making a dental practice more profitable.

We truly care about giving the power back to both dentists and their team so they can feel in control of their own lives.

Said another way, we focus on implementation and results.

While most dental consultants seek to make themselves an ad-hoc member of their clients’ team, NextLevel Practice seeks to empower the dental practice to become consultants onto themselves. It’s why our primary expertise is creating lasting change within a dental practice that goes beyond the dentist themselves and focuses on the integrity of the entire team.

Our focus is not on improving the current dental model.

We’re committed to rebuilding the model from the ground up. This means less focus on symptomatic solutions and more on the root cause of your practice’s issues. We know there’s an art and science to building a successful and profitable dental practice and it is not the old model of drill, fill, and bill.

We believe that transformation must come from within.

When a team is able to operate in harmony with the same goals, the same systems, and the best practices (revolutionized for a modern world) then anything is truly possible.

It’s why we chose the name NextLevel Practice. Because in the end we want to help our clients and their team members take their team to the next level of their lives and their profession.

But that’s not our only strength.

At its core, our goal is to help empower both dentist and team to become the best version of themselves.

We believe that the dental world is needlessly suffering.

Despite the years of medical training and work to become a licensed dentist, most feel as though they are relegated to “second class” medical practitioners. This unjustified belief negatively affects how they value the importance of their work plus it undermines the public’s perception of this valuable hero.

We realize it’s time to stop waiting for the medical community to give dentists permission to treat themselves the way they want to be treated. We believe that before we can change the way the public perceives dentistry the dentists must first change the way they perceive themselves.

Its time for dentists to get the recognition they deserve.

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