We’re sure you have many questions on how our team can help you reach your NextLevel. Here’s some answers to the most frequent ones we are asked, plus some more that we believe you should be asking as well.

What kind of results can I expect from working with NextLevel and how quickly will I see improvement?

Of course, every practice is different but on average our Leading Dentists in Complete Health Dentistry™ experience an average increase of over $30,035 in their first month.

How will you help take my practice to the NextLevel? – or – What does NextLevel know that I don’t and how will this help me reach my goals?

The dedicated practice Development Advisors and Results Facilitators at NextLevel work with you to create a 100% custom game plan for your practice and stick with you to implement every part of a healthy and Complete Health Dentistry™ practice.

Does NextLevel have a credible track record?

Our community members see dramatic increases in production, collections and treatment acceptance, not to mention team cohesiveness, happiness and overall success!

Is Gary in this because he cares about me or to promote himself?

Gary’s dream is to see 30 million people healthier by the year 2020. He and his team work toward that goal by spreading the Complete Health dental practice model. None of the team is “in this” for themselves, they all are working together to improve the health and lives of dentists, dental teams, and patients: one practice at a time.

What’s the best/quickest/easiest way to get started?

Give us a call right now at 212.388.1712!
We would love to speak with you to get you started living your ideal life and working in your ideal practice today. Plus, we always have a new webinar and/or live event right around the corner we can tell you all about.

How can I be sure you’ll support my practice’s “unique” way of getting things done? – or – I’m different! How can I be sure that you’ll be able to support the unique way my practice operates?

One of the things that we take on is knowing you as well or as you know yourself. We make sure that we are crystal clear on your practice so that we can best support you in moving it forward by co-creating an action plan suited to your unique needs. One way we do this is through a process called JumpStart. Through JumpStart, we complete a full assessment of your practice to determine your areas of opportunity for growth and development. This will unveil the systems and structures that can be put in place to bring you the most value. We’ll then work together to create your vision and ideal lifestyle and “reverse engineer” a plan of action to get you there.

Will this give me more space from my practice? How do you do that?

When it comes to co-creating the unique action plan for your practice, we use a process called “reverse engineering” that allows us to work backwards from where you want to be and discover the perfect way to get you there. One of the steps involves determining how much time you want to spend away from work and then putting the systems and structures in place that will ensure you reach that goal. With this process, there is no more “hoping” to spend more time away from your practice, there’s just “creating” it and experiencing it.

How easy is this process to implement?

You will not be doing anything alone. Our wonderful team will be with you every step of the way to help you change not just your processes and procedures but the mindset and understanding behind the way you will do things in your practice. Once you make the commitment to stop putting energy and time into things that aren’t working and start demanding results, the rest is relatively easy.

How much am I investing with my time and money?

Every one of our community members works with us to build their own 100% customized plan so we will need to speak to you one-on-one to determine your investment. We want you to see multiples of return on your investment. We also have our “Owe As You Go” investment option [link to that page] where you do not pay off your deposit until you are seeing the results!

Will you be coming into my practice?

We’ve learned that flying your coach out for in-person coaching and consulting can eat at your results. That’s why NextLevel Results Facilitators will work with you and your team virtually. Wary of technology? Not to worry! Our stellar team will ensure you are set up and comfortable with everything you need for your meetings and sessions.

Is this a “cookie cutter” program or can you customize it?

With every one of our programs we start with you. Together, we work to reach a clear understanding of your practice’s specific measurable goals and outcomes then provide solutions unique to your practice and your situation. We understand that what works for one practice may not be effective for another. Thus, we focus on building a 100% custom plan to ensure you get what you need.

Will Gary be my personal coach?

Gary and every Results Facilitator have a unique approach and skill set that will be matched with you and thus will increase the potential benefits of the partnership. Check out our team members’ bios to learn more about the facilitator you with whom may be working!

What if I already have a million dollar practice?

First of all, congratulations! We hope you are already celebrating your “wins” and are as excited as we are to take your practice to the NextLevel. It is our responsibility to secure your team’s trust and engage them in the process and implementation of proven solutions to ensure you are seeing REAL results, regardless of your starting point.

Do you work with practices of all sizes?

Contact us to ensure that your practice is getting everything it needs from our program and that we are able to best support you and your unique team. Our Practice Development team would love to get to know you and your practice better to determine how we can best support you. You can call us right now at 212.388.1712!

I already implement a whole body, complete health approach – will this still be a valuable program for me?

Understanding the importance of the mouth-body connection and oral-systemic health and learning how to share that knowledge effectively with your patients is just icing on the cake! NextLevel Practice will work with you to produce the “triple win” for the doctor, team and, most importantly, your patients. You will receive a business structure that allows you to control your results from a unique methodology based on business and team development.