Dentists: The Unsung Heroes of Healthcare

Dentists are Not Second-Tier Medical Professionals.
We are not second-tier anything.

We don’t go into practice so we can inflict pain on others.
We don’t go into practice so we can pilfer patients with unnecessary procedures just to line our own pockets.

No. Dentists go into practice for one reason only: To help people be healthy.

Somewhere along the way this got lost.
Somewhere along the way the public at large (and quite frankly, the medical profession, too) decided that the work of the dentist was somehow secondary to other medical professionals.
Somehow a belief was created that the years spent learning and mastering the dental profession was somehow “less than” what other medical professionals did.

It’s bad enough this misperception exists among the general public and the rest of the medical industry. It’s even worse when we believe it about ourselves.

In case you’ve forgotten the reason you became one in the first place, Dentists Matter.

Yes. Dentists Matter. The Dental Team Matters.

We are not simply the people you come to when you have a cavity.
We’re not just protectors of your teeth and gums.
No. We are the first line of defense in keeping the world healthy.

Actually, dentists and our teams are the unsung heroes of healthcare.

Despite this fact, so many of us have bought into the myth that we’re not as valuable as we truly are. We’ve waited for the rest of the world to wake up and greet us with open arms. We’ve let this belief infiltrate our self-esteem and the way we run our practices. We’ve let it affect how much money we make and the satisfaction we gain from our work.

We’ve let ourselves move into survival mode.
When you’re just trying to get by you can’t thrive.

Here’s where it all changes.

What if we transformed the way we view ourselves and our place in the medical world?

What if we stopped waiting for permission from everyone else?
What if we rightfully claimed back our own power and deserved place in the world?
What if we re-committed ourselves to that highest ideal that brought us into this industry in the first place?

It’s time to let go of where you are and accept that there’s something even better waiting for you.

It’s time to stop playing small and help your practice become what it’s truly capable of.
It’s time to recognize yourself as the unsung hero you are.

When we embrace this, we can start a movement towards Complete Health.

A movement loud enough for the rest of the world to hear and take note.
It’s time to go to the NextLevel.

Welcome to NextLevel Practice.